New Netcare Pregnancy App

New Netcare Pregnancy App makes valuable information easily accessible

Tuesday, March 24 2015

Expecting parents now have something else to be excited about while they await the arrival of their new baby. Netcare has just launched a pregnancy app on iOS and Android platforms for free downloading.

“The Netcare Pregnancy App will provide expectant mothers and their partners with easily accessible and reliable information and tips on pregnancy-related matters, and also offers a number of handy features,” says Tumi Nkosi, marketing director for the Netcare Group.

“The Netcare Pregnancy App features a dashboard for quick reference to aspects such as the size and gestational age of your unborn baby, as well as a special count-down calendar to ensure that parents-to-be are well prepared for the big day. In addition, the app incorporates information and tips on a number of pregnancy-related topics such as nutrition, fitness, sexual health, caring for your skin, hair and nails, emergencies during pregnancy and preparing for labour,” explains Thabo Matime, general manager: sales and new product development at Netcare.

Matime adds that a week-by-week guide gives insight into the physiological and emotional changes that moms-to-be are likely to experience during every stage of pregnancy; as well as detailed information on a baby’s development from the time of fertilisation and conception right up to birth. It also alerts expectant parents on things to be on the lookout for as the pregnancy progresses. There is also a function enabling users to locate the nearest Netcare gynaecologist, obstetrician and hospital in their area and dial any of these with just one touch of a button.

“The app was developed with the needs of the modern-day pregnant couple in mind. Although there are so many pregnancy sites on the internet, not all of the information featured is accurate and expectant mothers and fathers may easily feel overwhelmed. The Netcare Pregnancy App is simple to navigate and contains reliable information that can be accessed anywhere and anytime,” says Nkosi.

The Netcare Pregnancy App will soon have even more advanced and exciting features and functionality, as the second phase of the app will be launched progressively over the next three months. Information and tips on pregnancy-related topics will also be expanded,” adds Matime.

The app is the second one to be introduced by Netcare. Since its launch in March 2013, the first app, namely the Netcare Assist App, has contributed to making the way in which South Africans manage their healthcare needs more convenient. There have been over 22 000 downloads of this free app, which gives the public step-by-step first aid guidance on what to do in different types of emergencies. The Netcare Assist App also provides a list of doctors at Netcare hospitals and Medicross medical centres, along with their contact details and global positioning system (GPS) navigation to these healthcare facilities.

“We at Netcare believe that providing valuable healthcare information on platforms such as the Netcare Pregnancy App and the Netcare Assist App is vital in today’s technology-dominated environment. By making reliable information available to people wherever they may be and whenever they may need it, Netcare is staying abreast of changing needs in the healthcare environment,” concludes Nkosi.

The Netcare Pregnancy App is available on iOS and Android platforms for free downloading.

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