Newborn baby Registration/admission

Newborn baby registration and/or admission

Medical scheme patients

In the unfortunate event that your newborn baby needs to be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at a Netcare hospital after birth, your baby will be admitted as a patient in his or her own right.

The following information is crucial to ensure the successful registration of your baby on your medical scheme, so that the hospital bill for your baby’s admission will be settled by your medical scheme.

Medical schemes require that you register your baby as a dependant with your scheme within 30 days of birth. Note, however, that should your baby be admitted in his or her own right to the NICU, the hospital requires proof of registration within 14 working days from birth. This will ensure that authorisation for your baby’s hospitalisation can be obtained and the account will be paid in full.

Also note that the medical scheme registration does not refer to the Home Affairs birth registration process. You as the parent remains responsible at all times to ensure that your baby is registered with the relevant medical scheme and is a valid dependent from date of birth.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that the registration process was finalised and the baby was accepted as a dependant on your medical scheme.

Should the baby be a dependant of a dependant (in the case where the mother is still a dependant on her parents medical aid – e.g. on the baby’s grandparents’ medical scheme), you need to enquire from the main member’s medical scheme whether they will accept the new baby as a dependant, as some medical schemes have strict criteria that first need to be met before they will consider registering the baby as a dependant.

Please ensure that the registered date with the relevant medical scheme is the date of birth of your baby, as incorrect dates may result in non-payment of hospital bills by medical schemes.

Also note that, should no proof of registration be provided within the required time, the hospital may request a security deposit from you until such time as proof of registration is provided.