Patient feedback survey

At Netcare, we believe that providing our patients and their families with the best and safest care is our privilege and passion. As part of this commitment, we actively gather and purposefully use feedback from our patients and their loved ones to develop improvement programmes. The feedback we receive thus directly impacts the care we provide in our hospitals.

How does Netcare obtain Patient feedback?

Our patients are offered the opportunity to provide feedback on our care and service by either completing a survey whilst in hospital or after their discharge. In 2019 we had well over 150,000 responses to the survey from patients and their loved ones. From a statistical point of view, the results are representative of our patient base

How are the ratings determined?

Our ratings reflect the feedback provided by medical aid and self-funding patients. Where patients are unable to provide feedback, their family members are encouraged to do so on their behalf.

Our ratings are an actual representation of our patients' feedback. These rates have been independently validated and watermarked.

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We extend sincere thanks to our patients and their family members who have taken the time to complete our survey.

You have contributed directly to service improvements which will enhance your future stay and those of other patients. We remain committed to reviewing and improving our care and service on an ongoing basis, in particular addressing any shortfalls which become evident.

Netcare won the prestigious 2019/20 Ask Afrika Orange Index Award for service excellence in the private hospitals category.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Netcare achieved top honours in this category. Netcare furthermore ranked amongst the top 10 of the 188 companies measured over 31 industries, the second time that Netcare achieved this distinction.

Netcare consistently provides top service

Now in its 18th year, the awards draw from extensive consumer research measuring a wide range of factors related to service excellence. It is therefore a significant achievement for Netcare to have been recognised as the overall winner in the private hospitals category.

The fact that the award is based on feedback from a large independently-sourced sample of South Africans who have made use of hospital services, makes this achievement especially meaningful, as it is truly a reflection of the positive impact of Netcare hospitals and staff have on their communities, countrywide.

Staff members and healthcare partners are credited for achieving first place in this prestigious award which is a testament to their participation and living the core value of delivering best and safest care to patients and their families