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The birth of a baby is a one of life’s most special occasions and at Netcare, we will strive to make your birthing experience an unforgettable one. We are here to support you with family centred care every step of your exciting journey to parenthood – during pregnancy, with your delivery, and after your baby’s birth.

Our experienced maternity staff members and the gynaecologists/obstetricians practising at our facilities know that, although the prospect of becoming a parent is exciting, it could nevertheless also be a time of uncertainty and anxiety for you as you prepare for the birth of your baby and the new responsibilities that comes with it.

We encourage expectant parents to participate fully in developing a birthing plan that suits their needs: from the type of birth, to who should support the expectant mother during delivery and what type of accommodation you’d prefer.

We strive to create a tranquil and supportive environment in our maternity units, with our experienced nursing staff on hand to guide and assist our patients. Our modern facilities generally incorporate various accommodation options to suit our patients’ specific needs, including private en-suite rooms and semi-private rooms.

The delivery rooms, caesarean theatres and neonatal intensive care units which form part of our extended maternity units are equipped with the latest technology. Our state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) enable us to provide specialised care to babies in the event of any neonatal complications. Our neonatal trained nursing staff members work closely with paediatricians to ensure quality care for your newborn. We encourage parents to be involved in the care of their newborns in the NICU.

We invite you to contact any of our maternity units and arrange to visit their maternity facilities prior to your baby’s birth.

Netcare hospitals offering maternity services

Modern maternity facilities are located at the following Netcare hospitals:

Eastern Cape

Netcare Greenacres Hospital

Free State

Netcare Kroon Hospital
Pelonomi Private Hospital (public private partnership hospital)


Netcare Akasia Hospital
Netcare Clinton Hospital
Netcare Femina Hospital
Netcare Garden City Hospital
Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital
Netcare Linkwood Hospital
Netcare Linmed Hospital
Netcare Montana Hospital
Netcare Mulbarton Hospital
Netcare N17 Hospital
Netcare Olivedale Hospital
Netcare Park Lane Hospital
Netcare Pinehaven Hospital
Netcare Pretoria East Hospital
Netcare Sunninghill Hospital
Netcare Sunward Park Hospital
Netcare Unitas Hospital
Netcare Waterfall City Hospital


Kokstad Private Hospital (managed hospital)
Netcare Alberlito Hospital
Netcare Kingsway Hospital
Netcare Margate Hospital
Netcare Parklands Hospital
Netcare St Anne’s Hospital
Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital
Netcare The Bay Hospital
Netcare Umhlanga Hospital


Netcare Pholoso Hospital

North West Province

Netcare Ferncrest Hospital

Western Cape

Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital
Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital
Netcare Kuils River Hospital
Netcare N1 City Hospital

To make the most of your maternity journey, make sure you have the right passport.

Netcare maternity passport

Netcare’s maternity passport opens the door to leading obstetricians, maternity facilities and technology. It also offers a comprehensive range of antenatal and postnatal benefits for you and your baby. Getting a passport is as simple as booking your delivery in any Netcare hospital which has a maternity unit, and paying the hospital’s maternity fee. Terms and conditions apply, which may differ from hospital to hospital.

The passport offers the following benefits:

4D scan

You can book for a 4D scan to be done between 27 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. The hospital’s reception staff will assist you with arrangements. The 4D scan is not a diagnostic scan nor is it a scan to confirm the sex of your baby.

Netcare baby gift bag

The bag contains the Netcare emergency and safety guide dealing with babies and children, various product samples and ample information to assist you on this new journey.

First baby immunisations at the hospital

With your consent, your baby’s first immunisations (BCG and polio) will be administered before discharge from hospital.

First baby check-up at two weeks

Your baby’s developmental milestones will be assessed.

Netcare 911 registration for 18 months

This includes access to Netcare’s 24 hour advice line and select emergency medical services.

Antenatal services

Antenatal care for expectant mothers is essential to identify and promptly address possible health problems. Regular check-ups during your pregnancy are vital to ensure that your health is not compromised and also to monitor the growth and general health of your baby. You should visit your obstetrician regularly as guided by him or or her. Your obstetrician may do urine, blood and blood pressure tests during check-ups, as well as scans of your baby at regular intervals. 

Antenatal services

Getting advice from healthcare professionals on aspects such as nutrition, exercise, what to expect during the various stages of pregnancy, and deciding on a birth plan that suits your needs are also important.

Independently run mother and baby wellness clinics provide the following antenatal education services to expectant parents.

Antenatal care is essential to identify and promptly address possible health problems.

Knowledge during pregnancy is empowering.

The clinics, which are situated at Netcare hospitals with maternity facilities, provide a holistic, supportive and therapeutic environment to:

  • assist parents-to-be in preparing for the birth of their baby;
  • support parents-to-be with credible information and advice;
  • help improve communication between the new family, healthcare professionals at the hospital; and
  • act as a referral source for expectant parents. 

Antenatal classes

Antenatal classes are invaluable in helping to prepare expectant parents for birth and parenthood. The experienced childbirth educators at the independently run clinics lead antenatal classes for first time parents, as well as parents who would like to refresh their knowledge. Expectant couples or mothers can attend antenatal classes from 24 weeks and up to 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Topics covered include the following:

  • Fears and expectations regarding pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • The anatomy of the uterus (womb)
  • Exercise and diet during pregnancy
  • Common ailments and danger signs during pregnancy
  • Birthing options
  • Induction of labour
  • Coping mechanisms during labour, including breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Initiating and sustaining breastfeeding
  • Tests for the newborn baby
  • Importance of immunisation

Certain independently run clinics offer parents-to-be the following options for antenatal classes:

  • A  four to six week course of two hours per week
  • A full day condensed course on a Saturday.

Breastfeeding preparation and support

Breastfeeding provides the best possible nutrition for a new baby. Netcare encourages breastfeeding and helps new mothers to initiate breastfeeding within half an hour of the birth, provided that the health of the mother and baby are satisfactory. In the Netcare maternity units, babies room in with the mothers 24 hours a day from birth, unless they need to be cared for separately due to the mother’s or the baby’s condition. This is done to encourage frequent breastfeeding. We also educate and guide mothers on initiating and sustaining breastfeeding at the antenatal classes.

However, we respect the choice of mothers who decide not to breastfeed and provide them with the necessary education and support on formula feeding of their newborn. 

Feature World Health Organisation infographic on breastfeeding (PDF)

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